Day 29: 2 Kings 13-25

90 Days Through The Bible

By the end of 2 Kings, both Israel and Judah have been displaced. A long series of Kings of both nations have led Israel and Judah away from God. When God promised the Israelites the land of Canaan, it came with a price: walk with me in My Commandments. Both nations allowed high places for Baal and other gods to exist within their borders. As a result, God allowed both Israel and Judah to be dispersed by their enemies.

We are given a choice to walk with God and we are each responsible for our own walk with the Lord. Hezekiah removed the high places, constantly sought God while his son, Manasseh undid everything that Hezekiah had done.  He did not follow the Lord, and he rebuilt the high places for worship. God become so angry that he no longer was going to protect Judah from its enemies. Father and son could not have been further apart in their relationship with God. The same goes for us. We cannot rely our parent’s faith expecting to be covered. God wants a relationship with every single one of us and give us the control over that relationship. How is your relationship with God? Are seeking after Him or are you relying on someone else’s relationship?


2 Kings 13-25


  • Jehoahaz ruled Israel after Jehu, 17 years. His behavior angered God, He gave Israel to Hazael and Ben-Hadad of Syria. He sought God’s favor and they were delivered but did not change their actions.
  • Jehoash, son of Jehoahaz ruled Israel 16 years, did evil and fought against Amaziah of Judah.
  • Elisha predicts Israel/Joash will only defeat Syria 3 times. Elisha dies. Elisha’s prophecy came true.
  • Amaziah, son of Joash ruled Judah 25 years, killed those who killed his father. Amaziah struck down Edom and wanted to go to war against Israel. Jehoash warned him but Amaziah would not listen. Israel defeated Judah, knocked down the wall and took treasure from the temple. Amaziah fled but was killed. His son Azariah became King.
  • Azariah ruled 52 years in Judah, did good in God’s eyes, but did not remove the high places-given leprosy.
  • Zechariah ruled 6 months in Israel, killed by Shallum-fulfilled the prophecy of Jehu’s sons reigning until the 4th generation.
  • Shallum ruled 1 month, then killed by Menahem. Menahem ruled 10 years in Israel. He did evil. He gave Pul, the King of Assyria 1,000 talents to turn back and leave Israel alone.
  • Pekahiah ruled 2 years over Israel, did what was evil and was struck down by his captain, Pekah.
  • Pekah ruled 20 years, did evil in sight of the Lord. Some Israel land was captured by Assyria, killed by Hoshea. Syria King and Pekah attacked Jerusalem but could not win. King Ahaz of Judah who ruled 16 years and did not follow the Lord convinced the Assyrian King to come to his aid. Ahaz desecrated the temple.
  • Hoshea ruled Israel 9 years. Hoshea stopped paying tribute to Assyria and sought help from Egypt, so Assyria put Hoshea in jail, besieged Samaria and carried off the people. Israel is in exile due to idol worship.
  • Assyria resettled Samaria but because they did not know God, they were attacked by lions. So a priest was sent to teach them. They feared God, but worshipped their own gods.
  • Hezekiah ruled Judah 29 years, walked with the Lord and destroyed the high places, rebelled against Assyria and defeated the Philistines.
  • Hezekiah feared Assyria and tried to make peace by paying them. It was not enough so Assyria sent military leaders to mock their God. Hezekiah sought wisdom and help from God.
  • Isaiah the prophet told Hezekiah that the King of Assyria would not come near. God would defend the city.
  • An angel killed 185,000 men of the Assyrian army overnight. The Assyrian King, Sennacherib went home.
  • Hezekiah was ill and Isaiah told him the Lord said he would die. Hezekiah prayed to the Lord and He agreed to extend his life 15 years.
  • King of Babylon sent gifts when Hezekiah was ill. Hezekiah showed the Babylonians everything that he had. Isaiah told him that one day everything and everyone would be carried off to Babylon.
  • Manasseh ruled 55 years in Judah and did evil. He undid everything that Hezekiah did. As a result, God decided to give Judah over to its enemies.
  • Amon ruled 2 years in Judah, did evil in sight of the Lord and was killed by the people of Judah.
  • Josiah ruled Jerusalem 31 years, and did what was right by God. While repairing the temple, the Book of Law was found, Josiah removed/destroyed all the high places, shrines and priests of other gods. He cleansed Judah and restored Passover.
  • Josiah was killed in battle by Pharaoh Neco.
  • Jehoahaz, Josiah’s son ruled 3 months in Judah. He was imprisoned by Pharaoh and replaced with Jehoiakim (ruled 11 years and did evil.)
  • Nebuchadnezzer came to destroy Judah. He carried everything/everyone home to Babylon.

Help me to remember:

faith is personal. My relationship with You is solely based on what I do and my father/mother and children have no bearing on it. We are each called to walk with You.

Lord, I ask that . . .

I constantly seek You, get to know You better.

Heavenly Father, I am thankful for . . .

the ability to make our own choices to follow You.


Rachel is a work-from-home mom of two beautiful children. She used to teach middle school math and science and has served in various roles within her local church with the student ministry. Rachel loves being able to watch people grow in their relationship with God, especially by showing them how to study their Bible on their own. She started Honeycomb Wisdom to help people journal their time with God and His Word.
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