Hello, I'm Rachel!

photo: Rachel studying bible in God's creationI have a pretty fantastic, handsome husband, Bill, who has the most awesome heart for serving God and an adorable little boy & girl who are way more adventurous than what I can handle sometimes.

Before Bill and I got married, I used to teach middle school math and science, and loved serving within the student ministries within our church. However, since Noah & Erin have arrived, I've able to become a mom who is blessed with the ability to stay home with my children and work from home at the same time.

Currently, I work for a company that helps air shows find sponsorship dollars so that they can produce their shows.  It’s a huge blessing that the work I do helps show the public the power of flight and as my husband says I get to run around with a golf cart and a clipboard.

Faith-wise, I grew up in the church and gave my heart Jesus in middle school and was baptized my senior year in high school (the day after my senior prom).  I've served in various roles within the church from a volunteer to a youth ministry admin assistant.  I love being able to watch other grow in their faith.

I am a lover of Jesus, Gummi Bears, Cherry Limeades, sweet tea, polka dots, stripes, plaid, being outside, doing something educational like going to museums, tennis shoes and reading books.

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Why Honeycomb Wisdom?

Honeycomb Wisdom is all about pursuing the truth that resides in God's Word.  It came about as I was looking for a journal to use while reading the Bible in 90 Days (which I haven't conquered yet!) and didn't find anything that was general enough to allow me to have a few organized notes while 'skimming the surface' of the Bible. . . so I made one.  

Honey and Honeycomb are known to have healthy benefits to our bodies and the Bible contains the wisdom we need to not only serve Him with all of our heart, but also how to live a life that is honoring of Him.  So began Honeycomb Wisdom.

We grow in Him when we are spending time with Him: whether that is listening to a sermon in church, worshipping by singing loudly to the radio in the car, or praying under our breath when the world seems loud.  My hope is that as you spend more time learning about who God is, the deeper you'll fall in love with Him.


Have questions?  Email me at hello@honeycombwisdom.com

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