90 Days Through The Bible: Day 74: Luke 1-12

Luke is the king of overview; it feels like a roller coaster ride through the life of Jesus. His version of the gospel contains a little bit of His life, but for the most part focuses on the ministry of Jesus. Luke emphasized following God’s law, being willing to let go of what we think our life should be like and living a life seeking God’s will. We can’t seek God and chase after the world at the same time.


Luke 1-12


  • Written by Luke for Theophilus
  • An angel appeared to Zechariah and told him that Elizabeth would give birth to a son, John, who would prepare the way for the Lord. -> Zechariah did not believe and was made silent until the birth.
  • Gabriel goes to Mary and foretells the birth of Jesus via the Holy Spirit, also told about John and Elizabeth.
  • Mary visited Elizabeth and returned home after 3 months.
  • Elizabeth gave birth to a boy and when he was circumcised, named John-Zechariah was then able to speak.
  • Caesar Augustus called for a census, Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem and while there gave birth to Jesus.
  • Angels appeared to shepherds and announced Jesus’s arrival and they went to worship Jesus.
  • Jesus presented at the temple. -> Simeon praised the Lord for getting to see Christ’s birth.
  • They returned to Nazareth and raised Jesus.
  • When 12 years old, His family went to Jerusalem at Passover, Jesus stayed behind. His parents found Him in the temple, learning from the teachers.
  • Lord sent John to proclaim a baptism of repentance of sins:
    1. taught to share with others
    2. Christ is coming
  • John baptized Jesus and the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus, began His ministry at 30 years old.
  • Jesus was led by the Spirit to wilderness for 40 days, tempted by Satan but rebuked Him – don’t test the Lord.
  • Jesus taught in synagogues through Galilee, but was rejected at home in Nazareth.
  • Jesus healed a man with unclean spirit, Simon’s MIL and many others and taught in the synagogues.
  • Jesus called Simon Peter, James and John to be catchers of men.
  • Jesus healed a leper and a paralyzed man whose friends lowered through a roof.
  • Jesus called Levi, a tax collector – had a meal with large group of tax collectors  -> called sinners to repent
  • Pharisees questioned lack of fasting – no fasting with the bridegroom.
  • Jesus is Lord of Sabbath, healed a man on Sabbath, made the Pharisees angry.
  • Jesus taught and healed the multitude: beatitudes & woes, love your enemies, do not judge others, each tree is known for its fruit, build your house on the rock.
  • Jesus healed servant of centurion who had faith and raised the widow’s son from the dead.
  • A woman washed Jesus’s feet with perfume. He forgave her sins.
  • Woman were healed by Jesus and also provided for them/Him out of their means: Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Susanna.
  • Jesus’s family are those that hear the word of God and do it.
  • Disciples went across lake and a storm appeared while Jesus slept. They panicked and Jesus calmed the storm.
  • Jesus sent His disciples out to teach and heal others.
  • Take up your cross and follow Jesus – be willing to let go of your life.
  • Peter, John, and James went with Jesus up mountain to pray and witnessed the transfiguration.
  • Jesus cautioned that you can’t be part of 2 worlds.
  • Parable of Good Samaritan: love your neighbor as yourself (showing mercy is neighborly).
  • Jesus was accused of being with Beelzebul: a kingdom divided cannot survive.
  • Blessed are those who hear and keep the word of God.
  • Be a light and let it shine for all to see.
  • Jesus called out the Pharisees for following the law, but ignoring justice and God’s love.
  • Pharisees tried to catch and challenge Jesus in lies.
  • Jesus warned to beware of leaven of Pharisees: hypocrisy
  • Do not fear, God loves you.
  • Acknowledge Christ first before man and the Holy Spirit will go before you.
  • Guard against covetousness; store treasure in heaven.

Help me to remember:

to listen and hear the word of God and dot it.

Lord, I ask that . . .

I love my neighbors and my enemies with mercy.

Heavenly Father, I am thankful . . .

Jesus’ ministry, teachings and Him seeking after our hearts.



Rachel is a work-from-home mom of two beautiful children. She used to teach middle school math and science and has served in various roles within her local church with the student ministry. Rachel loves being able to watch people grow in their relationship with God, especially by showing them how to study their Bible on their own. She started Honeycomb Wisdom to help people journal their time with God and His Word.
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