90 Days Through The Bible: Day 70 Matthew 1-14

The New Testament opens with the book of Matthew. Matthew is one of the four books that make up the gospels: the story of Christ. Chapters one through fourteen covers the birth of Jesus and the beginning of His ministry. Nothing that Jesus does during the first half of Matthew is to bring glory to himself, but to serve God and point people to Him. His teaching were mostly on how we should live. I was amazed at how much of His teachings cover how we are to treat and interact with others. God not only on how we act in the world, but also the state of our heart. Do we pray, give and fast to make ourselves feel important, or to please God? Our hearts should be the same in secret and in public: honest, kind, and caring of others. Is your public heart and your private heart the same?


Matthew 1-14


  • Genealogy of Christ: Abraham -> Judah -> Ruth & Boaz -> David -> Josiah -> Joseph & Mary
  • Mary became pregnant by Holy Spirit
  • Angel appeared to Joseph & told of the plan: have Jesus, save people from sins.
  • Jesus was born in Bethlehem and wise men went before Herod: Where is King of the Jews?
  • After wise men offered their gifts, Lord told Mary and Joseph to flee Herod;s massacre by going to Egypt.
  • After Herod’s death, returned to Israel, settled in Nazareth in Galilee. (fulfilled prophecy)
  • John the Baptist preached in the wilderness (Isaiah prophecy foretold) and baptized others – taught repentance.
  • John the Baptist baptized Jesus – received Spirit of God.
  • Jesus was led by Spirit, fasted 40 days and nights and was tempted to run rocks into bread and asking God to save him if he jumped by Satan.
  • Jesus went to live in Capernaum and called Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John (fishermen) to join him.
  • Jesus taught in synagogues all over Galilee, proclaiming gospel and healing the sick.
  • Sermon on the Mount: Jesus sat on mountain and taught the crowds and disciples.
    • Taught on:
      • Beatitudes
      • Being salt and light
      • Christ came to fulfill law
      • Don’t harbor anger in your heart
      • Divorce
      • Do not swear
      • Don’t retaliate
      • Love your enemies
      • Give in secret
      • Be heartfelt in prayers
      • Serve only one master
      • Do not be anxious
      • Do not judge others
      • Ask and you will receive
      • Do as to others as you wish they do to you
      • Take the narrow path
      • Beware of false prophets
      • Build on firm foundation
  • Jesus healed servant of a centurion, he had faith that if Jesus said he would be healed, be true.
  • The disciples and Jesus went out on sea. Jesus calmed the storm.
  • Jesus cast out demons, healed men and woman and restored life to a little girl.
  • Jesus called Matthew to join – a tax collector. Pharisees got upset Jesus ate with tax collectors.
  • Jesus sent out the 12 disciples to serve/teach Israel – be aware of persecution, do not fear.
  • John the Baptist was in prison and sent messengers, seeking truth about Jesus.
  • Jesus denounced the cities that did not repent.
  • Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and desires mercy. Pharisees plotted against Jesus.
  • Jesus healing the sick fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy.
  • Pharisees tried to get others to believe Jesus was from Satan.
  • Sign of Jonah – son of man will spend 3 days and nights in heart of the earth (dead).
  • Jesus taught in parables.stories: sower, weeds, mustard seed, leaven, hidden treasures, pearl and net.
  • John the Baptist is killed by Herod.
  • Jesus fed the 5,000+ that came to hear Him with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.
  • Jesus went to pray and sent disciples out to sea. Jesus later walked across the water to them. Peter tried but had little faith and could not.

Help me to remember:

Jesus repeatedly fulfilled prophecies given by Isaiah and others.

Lord, I ask that . . .

the lessons Jesus taught I take to heart and live His way.

Heavenly Father, I am thankful for . . .

the knowledge that Jesus came to save us from our sins.

Rachel is a work-from-home mom of two beautiful children. She used to teach middle school math and science and has served in various roles within her local church with the student ministry. Rachel loves being able to watch people grow in their relationship with God, especially by showing them how to study their Bible on their own. She started Honeycomb Wisdom to help people journal their time with God and His Word.
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