90 Days Through The Bible: Day 65: Obadiah & Jonah

Obadiah and Jonah do not have very much in common. They were likely written by different authors, at different times, covering entirely different event, but they both cover consequences of obeying and disobeying God. Edom which was filled with the descendants of Esau were punished for their actions towards Israel, the house of Jacob. Instead of supporting, helping their brothers, Edom gave aid to the enemies. They were happy to round up those trying to escape and hand them over to Israel’s enemies, and rejoiced when their home was destroyed. They showed no mercy towards Israel and paid the price. They lost their inheritance to Israel and would be destroyed. Jonah was sent to Nineveh, a large city that loved their sinful behavior, to encourage them to repent so they would not be destroyed. Instead of wanting to help others change their behavior and serve the God that Jonah supposedly loved, Jonah ran away. When he finally relents and heads to Nineveh, he becomes so angry that he wants to die when they repent and change their behavior. Neither Edom or Jonah showed mercy in their actions.

How often do we neglect to show mercy to others? God was quick to forgive and change his heart at Nineveh’s repentance. We tend to hold on to grudges, anger and injustices that we feel, refusing to let it go. Edom faced consequences for not showing their brothers compassion: they are to be wiped out and lose their inheritance. Jonah prefers to sit in the harsh sun and the wind, wishing to die instead of giving praise that Nineveh repented and is now saved. What a miserable existence for him! My hope is that I choose to live a life that shows others mercy despite what my heart feels is deserved, for only God has the authority to judge others. Without granting others mercy, our lives can become a very bitter existence.


Obadiah & Jonah



  • Edom will be brought down, their pride deceives them.
  • You will be cut off forever because you did not come to Jacob’s aid and you helped their enemies, even celebrated their destruction.
  • The house of Jacob will be restored, have their own things.
  • The house of Esau (Edom) will be consumed by the house of Jacob.
  • The Lord gives their inheritance to Israel.


  • Lord sends Jonah to Nineveh to call out their behavior.
  • Jonah fled to Tarshish away from the Lord.
    • Lord sent a storm and the sailors were afraid, called out to God.
  • They cast lots = Jonah, when they asked how to quiet the sea, Jonah told them to throw him into the sea.
    • Eventually, they threw Jonah into the sea, praying that they were doing the right thing.
  • Jonah was swallowed by a great fish for 3 days and 3 nights.
  • Jonah praised and gave thanks to the Lord for saving him -> by being eaten by a big fish.
  • The Lord told Jonah a 2nd time to got to Nineveh and call out their actions.
  • Jonah went a day’s walk into the city and told Nineveh to repent and they believed and began to mourn. <- it was a 3 day walk across the city!
  • Even the King commanded a fast and told everyone to turn away from evil.
    • God saw their repentance and changed His heart.
  • Jonah was angry that the Lord was gracious and forgave Nineveh when they repented.
    • Jonah: take my life!
  • Jonah sat outside Nineveh to watch the city. Lord tried to show Jonah that he should be glad their was repentance.
    • in his anger, Jonah was glad for the plant, but not God.
    • have compassion for the saved.
  • Love mercy.

Help me to remember:

there are rewards when we obey Him and consequences when we disobey the Lord.

Lord, I ask that . . .

I show mercy to those around me even when I don’t think they deserve it.

Heavenly Father, I am thankful for . . .

Your mercy when we come before You with a repentant heart.


Rachel is a work-from-home mom of two beautiful children. She used to teach middle school math and science and has served in various roles within her local church with the student ministry. Rachel loves being able to watch people grow in their relationship with God, especially by showing them how to study their Bible on their own. She started Honeycomb Wisdom to help people journal their time with God and His Word.
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