90 Days Through The Bible: Day 52: Isaiah 50-66

This last section of Isaiah covers a lot of the prophecy concerning Christ, the new kingdom, as well as the day of judgement. While sometimes the prophecy was difficult to track, I do know that the Lord loves those who love Him and follow His ways. Even foreigners will be given room in His house as long as they choose to keep His covenant. The verses that talk about the Lord clothing His children in salvation and covering us in righteousness. I can’t imagine what being clothed in salvation or covered in righteousness will look like, but I imagine it will be beautiful and a peaceful feeling will wash over us.


Isaiah 50-66


  • Lord – Israel: Why would I send you away? You have turned away from me?
  • The Lord is Your comforter. He brings joy, righteousness, and strength – that same God created the world.
  • I will take your suffering and give it to your tormentors.
  • The Lord will redeem His people, but not with money, for God will go before you and will be your rear guard.
  • My servant (Christ) who will be innocent, will be pierced for your (my) transgressions and will make many righteous.
  • My children, Israel, fear not, enlarge your tent, for I, Your redeemer have compassion for you.
  • My steadfast love will not depart from you, not will my covenant of peace.
  • Come to me & receive my gift of wine and milk (salvation).
  • My word is not empty, I accomplish what I say.
  • Those (even foreigners) who choose to keep His commandments (covenant) and ways will receive a place in His house.
  • There are those who watch over Israel that are blind. What good is a guard dog that does not bark?
  • The righteous perish, but you don’t care, you chase idols that cannot deliver you.
  • I will comfort those who are contrite and have humble spirits but there is no peace for the wicked.
  • You fast to be seen, not to honor the Lord. You fast but do not care for others, poor.
  • Sin separates us from God.
  • There is no man but my own arm (Christ) to bring salvation. He will come out of Aion for those who turn from sin and will defeat his enemies.
  • Covenant: Lord: My spirit will never leave you.
  • Nations will see Jerusalem’s light, it will be restored to its glory, wealth, will be majestic forever.
  • The Spirit of the Lord has come to proclaim freedom and the Lord’s favor.
  • The Lord clothes me in salvation and covers me in righteousness.
  • Zion will be restored, given a new name. My delight is in Her and Her people will be called holy.
  • Wrath of God will come on the Day of Judgement.
  • He (Christ) took on my afflictions, sins, out of love for me and redeemed me.
  • Lord, return to us, we have strayed from You, forgive us.
  • Those who forsake me, worship idols, talk to the dead, eat pigs will be destined for the sword.
  • I will create a new heaven and a new earth, one with no weeping or hurt.
  • Lord: I choose those who are humble and contrite.
  • I will grant Jerusalem peace.
  • Israel will be forever, all will worship the Lord and those who have rebelled will be punished forever.

Help me to remember:

that Your word is not empty and that you have promised us that Your spirit will never leave.

Lord, I ask that . . .

my heart of service and worship of You, come from an honest place, not one where I want to be seen.

Heavenly Father, I am thankful for . . .

that while I may not understand most/some of what Isaiah says, that is okay because I understand you love me.


Rachel is a work-from-home mom of two beautiful children. She used to teach middle school math and science and has served in various roles within her local church with the student ministry. Rachel loves being able to watch people grow in their relationship with God, especially by showing them how to study their Bible on their own. She started Honeycomb Wisdom to help people journal their time with God and His Word.
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