Day 36: Esther

90 Days Through The Bible

Esther is my favorite book, my favorite story. On the surface it is a story of a young girl who receives the blessing of becoming Queen of a very powerful country. But just beneath the surface, Esther becomes a story of a woman taking a risk to save her people, of being brave. Out of pridefulness, Haman pays to have an edict created to have all of the Jews killed because one, Mordecai refuses to bow to him. Talk about not having your priorities in line.  Esther risks her life to save her people, going before the King unannounced and through her actions, saves her people.

Esther took a risk and it paid off. We are called to be brave, to acknowledge that our place in the world is not a coincidence. When we step up and walk with the Lord, there are some pretty great rewards. Are you being asked to be brave?

For if you keep silent at the this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your’s father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Esther 4:14 ESV




  • King Ahasueres held a feast for all of Susa, lasting 7 days, was a display of wealth.
  • On the 7th day, King ahasueres commanded his wife, Queen Vashti to appear in her crown to display her beauty. She refused and made the King angry.
    • King’s advisors told him he should put out a royal decrees removing the Queen so another could be chosen.
    • Why? So as not to encourage women to disobey their husbands.
  • Beautiful virgins throughout the land were placed in care of Hegai and given beauty treatments. The King would choose one for his new Queen.
  • Esther, a jew, niece of Mordecai was chosen. She gained favor with Hegai – given best place.
  • She kept her heritage to herself.
  • After 12 months, she went before the King, she took only what Hegai recommenced 0 one chance
    • Esther won King’s favor and love. Esther was made Queen.
  • Mordecai discovered an assassination attempt on the King and told Esther. It was prevented.
  • Haman was made 2nd in command of kingdom, but Mordecai would not bow to him.
  • Out of anger, Haman paid the King 10,000 silver talents to issue a decree that on a certain day all the Jews would be destroyed.
  • When they heard, the Jews mourned and fasted.
  • Mordecai begged Esther to go before the King and beg for favor for her people.
    • It was a risk for if one went before the King unwelcome, they would be put to death.
  • Mordecai – do not think you will be immune/exempt, you were likely put in your position to save us.
  • Esther told all the Jews to fast for 3 days and then I will go before the King, regardless of the consequences.
  • After 3 days, Esther went before the King and was granted favor. She asked the King and Haman to join her for a feast that night. At the feast, she asked them to return tomorrow.
    • The King was willing to give her half the kingdom.
  • Haman went home and bragged about his honors, but Mordecai’s refusal to bow was a thorn.
    • Wife: construct a gallows and ask the King to hang Mordecai.
  • King wanted to honor Mordecai, asked Haman to do it: lead Mordecai through streets on a royal horse, giving honor.
  • At the 2nd feast, Esther revealed Haman had sold her people to be killed. She only wanted her life and that of her people.
  • King has Haman hung on gallows made for Mordecai.
  • The King gave Esther the house of Haman and gave Mordecai his signet ring.
  • King had a new edict issued saying that the Jews could defend themselves.
  • Jews defended themselves against their enemies and even had help.
  • Purim would be celebrated every year on 14th & 15th day of Adar to celebrate the days the Jews got relief from their enemies.

Help me to remember:

You put people in paces and situations on purpose to further Your plan.

Lord, I ask that . . .

I am brave enough to answer Your call and do what I am asked by You.

Heavenly Father, I am thankful for . . .

the reminder that those in distress have a voice if only they are brave enough to speak up!

Rachel is a work-from-home mom of two beautiful children. She used to teach middle school math and science and has served in various roles within her local church with the student ministry. Rachel loves being able to watch people grow in their relationship with God, especially by showing them how to study their Bible on their own. She started Honeycomb Wisdom to help people journal their time with God and His Word.
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